A forever child at heart

Celeste is a Certified Advanced NLP Practitioner through NLP Marin with over 240 hours of professional training not including her years of practice working with and mentoring others. In the summer of 2016 she will begin her Master’s NLP training course; when finished she will have over 480 hours of professional, intensive training in NLP. In her time prior to finishing her Advanced training, Celeste worked with an elaborate variety of clients including:

  • Elite athletes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Single parents
  • Amputees
  • Recovering addicts
  • Those with PTSD
  • Office employees
  • Athletic trainers
  • Creative geniuses
  • Military veterans


Her intention in life has always been to help people in the most efficient and effective ways she could find and continues to discover (and daresay “experiment”) that maintain respect and integrity for her clients and peers while providing a platform for them to advance as they so desire in the given aspect of their lives.

Celeste’s passions in her personal life still include: Flow and NLP, spending time playing and remembering her childlike enthusiasm, cool coffeeshops (hipster, local, Corp B style with lots of novelty), deep and meaningful conversations with friends, playing with her Goldendoodle (Tulah – a.k.a. Tulah Bear), getting massages(!), swimming, snowboarding, laughing, dancing, eating quality dark chocolate, traveling to new places to experience new cultures, optimizing her own Flow states and always doing her best to remain an eternal student and teach from that space.

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