Flow Trigger | Clear Communication

Flow Trigger | Clear Communication

Some of you know what clear communication is, but do you know what it means?

Many of us think we know exactly how to communicate clearly, yet, we find we’re having to repeat ourselves constantly at work and in our personal lives and relationships. There are just so many tiny intricate details to communicating that we don’t think about much of the time.

Today, I tell you 6 key points to learning how to communicate with greater ease and clarity – which helps lead to Flow! And Flow…is where it’s AT!


6 Key Points for Clear Communication

  1. Words – What specific words are you using and do they match or nicely compliment the other person’s words?
  2. Body language – What does it say about you?
  3. Vocal Tone/Tone of Voice – Where are you putting your inflections?
  4. Speed of Words/Speed With Which You Use Your Words – How fast are you talking?
  5. Breath – What is your breathing pattern? Are you breathing shallow or deep? When?
  6. Eye Contact/Eye Movement – Where are you looking while communicating?


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