The Exercise That May Heal Your Back

The Exercise That May Heal Your Back

This is a much requested video on the really simple exercise a friend of mine showed me that is actually healing the severe chronic pain I’ve been in for almost half of my life (13 years to be exact). If you have an SI joint injury, I highly recommend trying this to see if it will heal your back pain as well (depending on your injury) or sharing with someone who might have similar pain.

Currently, I’m doing this exercise twice-a-day: once in the morning when I wake up and once at night before bed. If anytime during the day or after a workout, my muscles seem to want to go back to the “pain” place they were in for so long, I do this exercise again.

I’d love to hear if it works for you!



  • Colleen

    Thank you for this! It is a little helpful for my SI joint pain (mine isn't chronic - at least not yet) but I'm considering the SI joint cortisone injection - have you tried this before?
    • Celeste

      Colleen - you're most welcome. Did you give this a go? I haven't tried the cortisone injection. I hesitate with cortisone mainly because of the potential damage one could do with a shot like that. If you're feeling no pain and then decide to go run a marathon (or some other workout in general that may seem less severe) much damage are you doing to your body that you don't even know you're doing until the medication wears off and you're in agony? How long have you had the pain? I also recommend a specific belt for SI joint that a genius physical therapist of mine gave me. SO huge in my recovery from this (before I found this exercise). Go to - it's amazing.

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